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アオハル×pixiv「アオハル漫画賞 イラスト部門」開催

本日9月14日(水)より、「アオハル漫画賞 イラスト部門」を開催いたします。

この企画は、アオハル0.5号誌上で開催中の漫画新人賞「第2回 アオハル漫画賞」と連動したイラストコンテストです。今後アオハルで活躍していただく新人イラストレーターを募集し、大賞受賞者はイラスト企画などに起用されます。

アオハル0.5号に掲載された作品のうち、アオハル1期生による「友情」漫画作品と、イラスト競作企画「Don’t cry」&「なつのともだち」が閲覧できます。公開期間はコンテスト終了日の11月30日(水)までです。



ClariSが歌うテーマソング「Don’t cry」 をもとにしたイラスト、および 「友情」をテーマにしたイラストを、自由にお描きください。
※「Don’t cry」は第2回 アオハル漫画賞ページで視聴できます。







アオハル 0.5号
第2回 アオハル漫画賞


On Wednesday, September 14, we began the “Aoharu Manga Award Illustration Department” contest.

With “Youth and Heroine” as the theme for the Special Edition of Shueisha Young Jump, “Aoharu,” the second volume of Aoharu issue 0.5 went on sale from Tuesday, August 2nd.

This project is a joint illustration contest that complements the ongoing manga award contest, “The second Aoharu Manga Award,” in Aoharu issue 0.5. This contest will recruit artists who will be able to participate actively in Aoharu, and the winner will be selected to promote related contests held in the future.

Furthermore, to celebrate the Aoharu x pixiv collaboration, “Aoharu volume 0.5” will be available to read for free at pixiv for a limited time.

Manga works that were published in volume 0.5 (the first Aoharu “Friendship” works, illustration contests “Don’t cry” and “Summer friends”) will be available to browse.

The contest will end on Wednesday, November 30th.
We hope you enjoy the submissions, while at the same time expanding your imagination of “Youth and Heroine!”


【Contest Period】
Wednesday, September 14, 2011until Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 23:59 (JST)

Please draw an illustration based on either the theme “Friendship,” or the song “Don’t cry” by ClariS.
※You may listen to the demo version of “Don’t cry” at the Second Aoharu Manga Award page.

Tag : アオハル友情

○ Grand Prize
Debut at Aoharu magazine
ClariS Signed Color Paper (includes the name of the winner)
10 sets of Aoharu 0.5 issue posters
QUO card with Aoharu 0.4 issue cover illustration

○ Runner-up
 Prize : QUO card with Aoharu 0.5 issue cover illustration

※Participants who did not win the Grand Prize might also have the chance to get called by the editor of Shuueisha Young Jump for any future works.

◆Project Index
◆List of entry works
◆Terms and Conditions

◆Aoharu 0.5 Issue

Aoharu 0.5 Issue
The Second Aoharu Manga Award

Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions before entering.
We are looking forward to seeing your works that bring out the feeling of “Youth”!