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“pixiv Encyclopedia” Renewal Announcement

This is a message from the pixiv team.

Starting Thursday, November 24, 2011, “pixiv Encyclopedia” (http://en.dic.pixiv.net) will be undergoing a complete renewal.

With the concept of “easiness of viewing and making articles”, we have given upgrades to the top page, article editing, and other sections as well.
Here are the following main changes made to the website.

(1) New Design on the Top Page
With the menu placed at the top side of the screen, we have designed the site to make it easier for users to search for articles.


“Popular Articles”, along with “Ranking” are now displayed as thumbnails similar to the main article image, thus making it easier to identify them.

(2) Easiness of Article Viewing
With the focus of article viewing a lot more pleasant, we have changed the layout of the article browsing page.


All related articles are shown automatically at the right side of the screen, and you may check on related information as well.

(3) Sharing Interesting Articles Easily
You may easily share any article of your interest to your friends and acquaintances.


By clicking on the share button shown on top of the screen, you may send any specific article to any social media sites.

(4) Submitting Articles with Ease
You can easily submit and edit articles with the available templates prepared for your reference.


For more details, please refer to “pixiv Encyclopedia Help Page” .

“pixiv Encyclopedia” is now available to browse at http://en.dic.pixiv.net
This page is also accessible through mobile phone, so do have fun with it.

For any ideas, suggestions, please send them to our pixiv English Twitter account.

We hope you may continue to enjoy using pixiv in the future.

※Together with the renewal,  we will be migrating our management from “pixiv Encyclopedia” to “pixiv Encyclopedia Production Committee”.